Your business needs high quality imagery to flourish and grow.

Your website, your flyer, your magazine ad, your business card, your Facebook page, your poster, whatever you create, these are all forms of visual communication. You need to ensure you are communicating the right message to your potential clients. You need to give the right impression. ClipArt doesn't cut it any more I'm afraid. You need high quality images to convince customers that you are the business with which they are going to spend their money.

The world we live in is more and more becoming a visual one. Just look how much time is spent on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

Here are some facts...

10% of all the photographs ever taken in the history of the world were done so in the last 12 months.

Articles with images receive 90% more clicks and views.

On Facebook, there is a 37% higher level of engagement for posts which contain photos than those with text only.

Every one of your potential clients carries a smartphone or tablet, a device designed for graphical interaction. If you don't make the most of this you are missing out. Even if it is just a good quality corporate portrait which shows your client who they are dealing with, it is a start. There is no point filling your website with amateurish photographs of your products. You need to show them at their best.

Your restaurant needs high quality photographs which capture its ambience, images which convey the deliciousness of your food.

If you are tree surgeon then show some striking images of you working 5 metres in the air.

Plumbers, capture some images which show you in context, doing the work you are paid for and show that you are proud of the work you do.

Accountants, building firms, civil engineers, dentists, estate agents, hotels, museums, therapists, retailers, window cleaners and vets. There is no business which wouldn't benefit from hiring a professional to present it in the correct way.